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Spider Core

High secure and managable RFID reader/ writer for LF/HF, NFC and BLE

The Spider Core is inepros' latest powerfull RFID reader. Due to its'compact size the Spider Core perfectly blends in with any device where it is built into. The Spider Core supports a wide range of LF and HF technologies (100-150kHz and 13.56 MHz) and supporting NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy makes the Spider RFID reader pefectly suit for mobile data communication and authentication. It can be linked via multiple communication protocols, i.e. USB, RS232, to embedd it into any kind of machine and device such as multifunctional printers (MFP), vending machines, E-charging solutions and many more.

Technical specifications

Housing  PC ABS V0, Two tone color, white and transparent   
Dimensions  62,25 x 41,30 x 12,50 mm/ 2.45 x 1.62 x 0.49 inch (L x W x D) 
Frequency  125kHz (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF), 2.4 GHz (BLE) 
Antenna  Integrated antenna on PCB 
Default output  Decimal number HID Keyboard output with enter 
Power Supply   4.3 V -5.5 V via pico blade connector 
Current Consumption  RF field idle on: 150mA typically 280mA max  
Temperature range  Operating: -25 °C up to +85 °C (-13 °F up to +185 °F)  
Relative humidity  5% to 95% non-condensing 
Read/ write distance  LF and HF: Up to 100 mm / 4 inch, depending on transponder and environment  
Operating modes  USB keyboard emulation , USB virtual COM port, USB RAW, RS232 
Bluetooth Low Energy  Bluetooth v5.0, software upgradable; standards as GAP, SM, L2CAP, ATT; predefined GATT structure; AES128 supported 
Weight  Approx. 23 g / 0.81 oz (excl. cable) 
Supported transponders 13.56 MHz  ISO14443A/B: 
  LEGIC Prime, LEGIC Prime MIM 22, LEGIC Prime MIM 256, LEGIC Prime MIM 1064, LEGIC Interflex, LEGIC KGH seg.1 – seg.4, LEGIC Advant, LEGIC Advant ATC512-MP110, LEGIC Advant ATC2048-MP110, LEGIC Advant ATC4096-MP110, LEGIC Advant AFS4096-JP11, Mifare Classic. Mifare Classis EV1, Mifare Mini, Mifare SE, Mifare DESfire 0.6, Mifare DESfire EV1, Mifare DESfire EV1 SE, Mifare DESfire EV2, Mifare DESfire Light, Mifare DESfire EV3, Mifare Plus S.X, Mifare Plus EV1, Mifare Plus EV2, Mifare Pro X, Mifare Smart MX, Mifare Ultralight, MIfare Ultralight C, Mifare Ultralight EV1, NFC HCE, NTAG2, SLE44R35, SLE55Rxx, SLE66Rxx, Bank cards. 
  ECMA-340: NFC Forum Tag 1-5, NFC Peer-to-Peer, Sony FeliCa, NFC Active and passive communication mode 
  LEGIC Advant ATC 128-MV, LEGIC Advant ATC 1024-MV, iCLASS, iCLASS SE/SR, i-CODE UID 
Supported Transponders 125 kHz  ISO18000-2: 
  CS-AWID, Cardax, CASI-RUSCO, Cotag, EM41xx and compatible EM4100,4102, 4200, EM4050 (Titan), EM4105, EM4150, EM4305, EM4450, EM4550, Farpointe, FDX-B, Gallagher, Prox, Prox II (1326), DuoProx II (1336), ProxKey III (1346),  
  ISO Prox II (1386), Micro Prox (1391), Prox UDF, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S, Indala, Indala ASP/ASP+ UIN, Indala 10022, Indala 10251, Indala 11037, Indala 15024, Indala 17531, Indala 1771X, Indala ASP+ default modes, ioProx, Keri, Nedap, Nexkey, Proxlite, Pyramid,  
  Rosslare, Q5, T5555, T5557, UNIQUE 
Connectivity  Pico blade connector and variety of standard USB connectors, use only with original inepro cables 
Transmission Speed  Host: USB Full speed (12Mbit/s), HF Air: up to 848 kbit/s, BT Air: up to 100 kbit/s 


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Country / Region Certification
Australia / New Zealand RCM
Europe CE
Canada IC
China SRRC
India WPC
Japan MIC
United Kingdom UKCA
United States FCC
5 year